Grassroots Branding: Be the Street

Client: Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association

Project: Branding & Grassroots Environmental Education Campaign Implementation

In Brief: “Be the Street” is bold, friendly, fun and not afraid to get its hands dirty. A little bit Gandhi with a touch of Tom Sawyer, all wrapped in Bay Area themed blanket, the messaging encourages youths to take ownership of the state of their community and actively shape their environment. In this campaign, the state of the “street” is a reflection, for better or worse, of the kids who use it. Rather than passing the blame on to peers, adults, or others, Be the Street asks that individuals take action to clean up and invigorate their surroundings. By exploring and engaging problems and solutions to community and environmental issues, street-by-street, participants will be rewarded with the pride, and the fun, of having created the kind of “street” they have always wanted to live on.





Be the Street Video Contest










Web Implementation: Mary Gamboa

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