Long Beach Pepper Week

Class: Introduction to Graphic Design

Institution: California State University, Long Beach

Project: Event Poster

Student Level: Year 1 -2

Designer: Brian R.

In Brief: Inspired by the drawings of Shel Silverstein this poster promotes Long Beach Pepper Week, an event where participating local restraints feature special menus of  their spiciest offerings.

Client From Hell Challenge: After the poster had been submitted, the designer receives a sudden request from their “client” changing the scope of the project at the last minute. While the new goal may make no sense or go radically against the established look, they now have once week to incorporate the change into their poster while maintaining the artistic integrity and communication quality of their design—or even better, improve it.


Initial Design

BrianR_PepperWeek_Poster1             BrianR_PepperWeek_ClientFromHell



Redesigned Solution:


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