Online: LA Stormwater Blog

Client: Los Angeles Watershed Protection Program

Project: Website Update

In Brief: The City of Los Angeles’ award-winning Stormwater Program needed to modernize its web presence. Along with designing a new look for its blog, a series of interactive contests and digital scavenger hunts were developed to educate and engage users on stormwater issues and to familiarize them with new features of the site.

LA Stormwater Website Garners Premier Web Marketing Award


Clean Water Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Question 1

It’s time to get to know LA Stormwater’s new website with our Clean Water Virtual Scavenger Hunt. For our first question, can you solve our clue by telling us who’s talking and where you found him? Good luck!

From a hundred feet high
It is my wish,
To plunge in the water
And scoop up a fish.

But these scaly treats
Aren’t good for me
When they’re swimming in sludge
That flows to the sea.

If I eat bad fish,
It makes my eggs weak.
So my population
is not at its peak.

But you can still help
By stopping each day
And doing good deeds
To help Green LA

Call out my name
And help me survive!
But look out below
because I like to dive!

Hint: Explore the Navigation Bar and check our Facebook page for an additional hint.

Scavenger Hunt: Question 2

Scavenger Hunt: Question 3

Scavenger Hunt: Rules and Regulations



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