OZMA: a puzzle and strategy role-playing game

Class: Inquiry & Immersion

Institution: California Institute of the Arts

Project: Senior Thesis

Student Level: BFA 4

Designer: Sergei Acuña

In Brief: OZMA is a game about a young boy who is fighting for the person he truly wishes to be. Based on the stories of L. Frank Baum’s Oz, OZMA explores the concepts of gender and identity though the adventures of a young man called Tip, who is actually the lost Princess Ozma, transformed into a boy by the wicked witch Mombi. Supporting Tip/Ozma is an equally complicated cast who must reconcile their dual-natures to harness their power and set the world to right.


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Character Design:

SergieA_Ozma_Characters1 SergieA_Ozma_Characters2



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